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Do you Have Position Dependent Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an issue that affects many men at some point during their life, with a prevalence of 5-20%. This problem can be put down to a number of causes. For example, there could be a physical cause, due to health conditions such as diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular disease. Or it could be a psychological cause such as performance anxiety or low libido. Also, if your body is lacking proper hydration, it will experience side effects and complications. Some of these can lead to ED.

If in your case you’re sure that these are not issues but you notice that certain positions do make it difficult either to get or maintain an erection, then it could be due to a venous leak.

What Is Venous Leak?

It is sometimes referred to as venogenic erectile dysfunction which is a condition within the category of vasculogenic impotence. During intercourse, your penis needs an increase in blood flow and a decrease in outflow to maintain stiffness. If you have a venous leak, the blood will not stay in your penis resulting in insufficient stiffness.

Does Shockwave Therapy Really Work?

Shockwave therapy is sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction, particularly in those who have received a diagnosis of venous leak. It must be noted though that despite some success in several studies there are no guideline statements to identify the ideal patient for shockwave therapy and it is not approved by the FDA.

Commonly used to treat kidney stones and clogged arteries, the treatment works by sending high-energy sound waves to the corpora cavernosa which then stimulate the growth and strengthening of the blood vessels inside the penis. This in turn increases blood flow and reduces leaks which helps maintain a penile erection.

How Is Venous Leakage Treated?

As Shockwave therapy is not approved by the FDA, you will likely look to other methods of restoring your erectile function.

Venous Constriction Band

One very simple method to maintain your erections is to use a venous constriction band. This method works by creating veno-occlusion, in other words, reducing the amount of blood that flows out of the veins. If you are not able to get an erection through stimulation then you can use a vacuum erection device (VED). Once achieved just slip on the band.

Penile Injections

Another way to solve the problem is through injection therapy. Intracavernosal injections improve the flow of blood to your penis, like oral and intraurethral medicines. Your doctor can demonstrate how to give yourself the injection. The medication usually provides an erection within 15 minutes

Penile Implants

One method that requires light surgery is having a penile implant. Implants help you to achieve sufficient stiffness for intercourse. They don’t affect your sensitivity or ability to ejaculate. 

Where Can I Get Treatment for Venous Leaks?

The team at Urology of Greater Atlanta can help with the above solutions to diagnose and treat venous leaks. The urologist team operates out of many locations and a surgical center to serve the needs of all Northern Georgia residents.

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