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A vasectomy is among the most effective birth control methods, with a nearly 100% effective rate in preventing pregnancy. If you no longer wish to have children, contact the top-rated urologists at Urology of Greater Atlanta, in Metro Atlanta, to book a vasectomy consultation. Either call the office or schedule an appointment online.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that blocks your vas deferens and prevents sperm from mixing into your ejaculate, providing permanent birth control for men. The procedure does not affect the penis or sexual health but eliminates the possibility of pregnancy. Urology of Greater Atlanta offers two types of vasectomy procedures: incision and no-scalpel.

What happens during a traditional vasectomy?

During a vasectomy, a traditional vasectomy, your physician thoroughly numbs your scrotum. They locate your vas deferens and make a small incision in your scrotum to access the tubes. Your doctor severs each vas deferens and closes the ends with a stitch or heat. When the vasectomy is complete, your doctor closes the incisions with dissolvable stitches.

What happens during a no-scalpel vasectomy?

During a no-scalpel vasectomy, your physician thoroughly numbs your testicles. Then, using a special device, they access your vas deferens without making an incision. Your doctor doesn’t even need to use a stitch after closing and sealing your vas deferens. 

Both methods typically take 30 minutes with little or no complications.

How effective is a vasectomy in preventing pregnancy?

A vasectomy is a very effective form of birth control. Failure rate is about 1 in 2,000. It is important that you use an alternative form of contraception until you have semen tests that show that there isn’t any sperm in your ejaculate after the procedure. Some sperm can remain in your vas deferens, and you need to ejaculate several times before it is all gone.

Can you reverse a vasectomy?

In most cases, the team of urologists at Urology of Greater Atlanta can reverse vasectomies. During a vasectomy reversal, your physician uses microsurgical techniques and instruments to reattach the two ends of the vas deferens. This is a highly complex procedure that takes several hours under general anesthesia. The first part of the procedure allows your urologist to evaluate your sperm production. Depending on the quantity and quality of your sperm, your doctor performs either a vasovasostomy (connection of the vas to vas) or an epididymovasostomy (connection of the epididymis to vas). 

If the sperm is abundant and appears healthy, your doctor performs a vasovasostomy with a high-powered surgical microscope. Clear, watery fluid with no sperm can still benefit from a vasovasostomy. If the vasectomy fluid is thick and sperm are present, or there isn’t any fluid, your doctor performs an epididymovasostomy. 

Vasovasostomy (VV)

A vasovasostomy is appropriate if you have visible sperm or clear, watery fluid from the testicular end of the vas deferens during surgery. A vasovasostomy is performed with microscopic sutures to reconnect the previously severed ends of the vas deferens on both sides.

Epididymovasostomy (EV)

If there is absence of sperm from the vas deferens during surgery, your doctor performs an epididymovasostomy. This is an even more complex procedure, and there is a decreased chance of natural conception if EV is required. Your physician opens and compresses your epididymal tube to collect fluid to test for sperm. Your doctor reattaches your epididymal tube to the vas deferens using a high-powered surgical microscope and microscopic sutures.

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