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An illustration of kidneys with a doctors stethoscope. - UGATL, Jackson, GA

7 Signs You Might Have a Kidney Stone and What to Do About IT

Chances are you know someone who has had kidney stones. You might even have had them yourself. 

According to the National Kidney Foundation, around 10% of people will experience kidney stones at some point in their lives. Every year, more than half a million people go to the emergency room because of kidney stones.

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Young man sitting on the floor embarrassed about his low libido. - Griffin, GA | UGATL

10 Causes of a Low Sex Drive in Men and What You Can Do About It

You won’t hear your friends talk about it on the golf course or while you’re watching the game, but around one in five men have a low sex drive. So if you’ve noticed a change in your libido and are concerned about it, it may be time to ask for help.

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UroLift BPH Relief

For too long, men suffering with BPH have had to choose between only three options: watchful waiting, medications, or surgeries that cut, laser, or steam to destroy prostate tissue. Now there’s a proven solution that fills the gap between prescription medication and more invasive surgical procedures: UroLift System. What is this treatment and is this right for you?

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Coloplast Titan Penile Implant

Erectile dysfunction can cause feelings of embarrassment or shame. At UGATL, Treatments such as Coloplast Titan Penile Implants are available. Learn more now.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction? Get Answers Here.

You’ve likely heard of ED (erectile dysfunction). But what is it? Let the experts at UGATL explain the symptoms and treatment options that are available.

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Why It’s Important to Drink Water

It’s that time again. The new year has all of us thinking about fresh starts and new healthy habits. Last year we provided some tips on how to stay on track with some common resolutions. This year, we want to encourage you to drink more water.

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Erectile Dysfunction Is More Common Than You Think — But You Should Still Talk to a Doctor

Most men don’t want to talk about erectile dysfunction (ED). Many feel embarrassed about ED or think that it doesn’t happen to everyone. However, the fact of the matter is that more than 30 million American men experience some degree of ED at some point during their lives. So let’s talk about ED. On this newsletter we’ll cover what it is, the various causes, how we diagnose it, and the treatments we offer.

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Woman who received the flu shot talking with female nurse

Flu Season is Here: Get Your Flu Shot Now!

2020 was a relatively quiet flu season as almost everyone was staying at home, vigilantly washing their hands, and wearing masks. These measures are highly effective at preventing the spread of illness. 

However, the low flu numbers don’t mean that the flu is gone, and you should still take steps to protect yourself and your family from this potentially dangerous virus.

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Best 10 Foods for Bladder Health and 4 to Stay Away From

Your diet has an enormous effect on your health.

Here at Urology of Greater Atlanta, we want to help you stay as healthy as possible, and helping you make nutritious choices that are good for your urinary health is part of our mission.

So here are 10 of the best foods that you can eat for your bladder and overall urinary health.

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Man covering groin area because of erectile dysfunction issues - Urology of Greater Atlanta

Everything You Need to Know About Penile Duplex Doppler Ultrasound

While no one likes to talk about erectile dysfunction (ED), it’s a widespread men’s health issue. One of the main treatments for ED is using vasodilator medication, such as Viagra. How to know if is right for you? A Penile Duplex Doppler Ultrasound can help!

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Opened white toilet bowl soon to be used to see urine health - Urology of Greater Atlanta

3 Health Secrets Your Pee Can Tell You

Your pee can actually tell you a lot about your health! We want you to know that some of the changes in your urine can give you a warning about health issues before you experience any other symptoms.

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Senior man sitting on a beach enjoying fresh air after his quitting smoking new year's resolution - UGATL

Don’t lose momentum with your New Year Resolution

Here at Urology of Greater Atlanta, we support and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. So we’re offering some advice on how to stay on track with some common health-related resolutions.

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