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Every year, around 20 million Americans are diagnosed with an STD. While most STDs don’t cause noticeable symptoms in their early stages, many can have a determinate effect on your reproductive health. At Urology of Greater Atlanta, the team of board-certified urologists offers comprehensive STD screening and treatments to heal or manage your condition. If you’re concerned about STDs, call the practice or schedule a consultation online today. 

What are STDs?

STDs are viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections that are spread through sexual contact. While it’s most common to pick up STDs through penetrative intercourse, you can also get some diseases through oral sex or skin-to-skin contact. Some of the most prevalent STDs include:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis

Most STDs don’t cause symptoms in their early stages, so it’s essential to get tested if you think you’ve been exposed to an STD or if you have unprotected sex. If you have symptoms such as painful urination, growths, or discoloration on your near your genitals, or foul-smelling urine or semen, schedule an STD immediately. 

What happens during STD screening?

The physicians at Urology of Greater Atlanta offer comprehensive STD screening services. They use blood tests, urinalysis, and genital swabs to collect samples. 

Your doctor also talks to you bout your sex life, risk levels, and how to protect yourself from STDs. You can ask questions about your condition and treatment options during your consultation. 

How are STDs treated?

In most cases, your doctor at Urology of Greater Atlanta can prescribe medication to clear up an STD. If you have more than one STD, they can often treat all infections at the same time. 

However, some STDs, such as herpes and HIV/AIDS, don’t have a cure. The team at Urology of Greater Atlanta can help you manage your condition and protect your health. They can prescribe medicine to prevent flare-ups and support healthy immune system function. 

Ultimately, you’re better off taking precautions to prevent STDs. You should always use a barrier method of contraception, such as a condom, especially with new partners. You should only stop using a condom after you and your partner have both been tested for STDs and agree to monogamy. 

If you’re concerned about STDs, call Urology of Greater Atlanta or make an appointment online today.

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