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Penile Skin Bridge Removal

What Causes Penile Skin Bridge?

Skin bridges can sometimes develop after a circumcision. If the skin of the penile shaft attaches to the glans or head of the penis, it forms what is called penile adhesion. If the adhesion is not removed, the skin forms a skin bridge.

This may happen when too little of the foreskin is removed or if the fat of the pubis pushes the skin onto the glans.

A problem that can occur when adhesions form is that oil, dead skin cells, and dirt can get trapped around the skin, causing infections and or off smells.

If tackled early on, adhesions may be resolved using topical creams or stretched out as erections stretch the skin. However, if the skin permanently attaches itself to the coronal margin, it can form into a connective tissue called a penile skin bridge.


You will be able to identify a skin bridge just by seeing it. Many men complain about the pulling of the skin bridge on the penis during an erection. The discomfort caused by the constriction of skin bridges can affect arousal and sexual pleasure.

In other cases, there can be severe pain while maintaining an erection or during sexual intercourse. There could also be hygiene problems as dirt and oil get trapped under the skin bridge. In other cases, there may be a loss of sensation if the skin covers too much of the glans.

Other patients may not present any issues but simply not like the appearance of their penis.

Some may have concerns about excessive foreskin after an infant circumcision. If your child has penile adhesions, they can usually be spotted early on and get treated before developing into a permanent attachment.

Penile Skin Bridge Removal Procedure

  1. A local anesthetic will be applied to the area.
  2. A simple cut will release the skin from the shaft or the glans. The cut is virtually painless and will not cause long-lasting pain.
  3. The cut is sealed with skin glue.

The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. The risks associated with this procedure are minimal. Careful adherence to the aftercare procedures will minimize the risk of infection.

Our Team Of Urologists Can Help

If you are unhappy with your previous circumcision, the team at Urology of Greater Atlanta offers several treatment options that can help. One of the procedures is a circumcision revision that is used to improve the skin on your penis. Apart from skin bridges, our doctors also correct the following concerns:

  • A buried penis where there was too much or too little foreskin removed
  • A curved penis or chordee of the head of the penis (in an upward or downward position)
  • A narrowing of the opening at the end of the penis (meatal stenosis)

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