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An annual men’s health examination performed by a board-certified urologist is an essential component of maintaining optimal health and detecting issues at their earliest, most treatable stage.

If you are interested in maintaining your urologic health, contact Urology of Greater Atlanta at one of our many locations throughout Georgia. 

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Why Should Men Visit a Urologist Regularly?

Men should regularly visit a urologist because, after age 40, a man’s body can start to develop issues with the prostate gland, urinary system, and male sex hormones. Through an annual urology checkup, these potential issues can be detected early when treatment is most successful, and complications can be prevented.

Much like how women see a gynecologist for female-specific care, men should visit a urologist for their extended health care needs.

What Is Included in a Men’s Urologic Health Checkup?

A typical urologic health checkup for men includes a prostate exam to determine if your prostate has become enlarged. An enlarged prostate can make it difficult to urinate, but an annual exam will determine the state of your prostate as it changes with age, and any necessary precautions can be taken to help shrink or treat it.

An annual men’s wellness exam will likely also include the following:

If your doctor discovers a shortage of testosterone, they can boost the hormone through injections or supplements. There are also many treatments available for resolving ED and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Are There Other Advantages to Annual Men’s Urologic Health Visits?

Yes, there are a few other advantages to getting an annual exam with a board-certified urologist. Getting a regular urology exam at Urology of Greater Atlanta reenables men to have an open dialogue about any health concerns that may otherwise not be addressed, such as questions about fertility and sexual health.

With annual health checkups, men can approach their sexual health concerns in a familiar, comfortable environment. If having children has already been checked off the list, for instance, vasectomies are available and can be discussed during a checkup.


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