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Is the Da Vinci Surgical System a Robot?

When you hear the words “robotic surgery” you may envision C-3PO at the operating table. You can be assured, however, that the da Vinci surgical system is not a robot. 

The da Vinci surgical system is robotic-assisted surgery. In other words, the surgeon has full control of the robotic system during the surgical procedure. 

What Are the 3 Components of the Da Vinci Surgical Systems?

The da Vinci system is made up of 3 components:

(1) the patient-side cart;

(2) the surgeon console; and

(3) the vision cart.

The three components have a standardized design across the da Vinci systems throughout the generations of platforms. 

However, although the da Vinci X and da Vinci Xi surgeon console and vision cart components are universal and interchangeable, the da Vinci SP has a unique surgeon console and vision cart.

In the operating room, the surgeon sits at the surgeon console, which is usually positioned a few feet away from the operating table. 

The console has a high-resolution 3D vision system allowing the surgeon to see everything in great detail. The surgeon controls the movement of the surgical instruments and the camera from the console.

The patient-side cart has four arms. These are docked into the trocars that are placed in the abdominal or thoracic wall of the patient’s body. 

Whereas laparoscopic surgery connects the surgeon to the surgical field mechanically, the da Vinci systems use the principle of teleoperation.

How Does Da Vinci Surgery Work?

The general process of robotic surgery typically follows these steps:

  • To begin, the patient console is put in prime position, and the robotic arms are adjusted to be ready for surgery.
  • The surgeon will sit at the surgeon console throughout the surgery.
  • Small incisions are made, and the 3D camera and the necessary surgical instruments are inserted.
  • The surgeon controls the robotic arms from the console, using the hand and foot controls.
  • Surgical technicians help with the correct positioning and placement of the surgical instruments. 
  • Registered nurses are present to help assist the anesthesia provider and care for the patient’s needs and safety during the procedure.

What Surgeries Does the Da Vinci Robot Do?

The da Vinci system allows surgeons to perform many types of minimally invasive surgery. 

At Urology of Greater Atlanta, the surgeons use the system for the following surgery procedures:

  • Radical Prostatectomy (for removal of the prostate gland)
  • Radical Nephrectomy (to remove kidney cancer)
  • Partial Nephrectomy (for partial removal of the kidney)
  • Pyeloplasty (for the reconstruction of the renal pelvis)
  • Pyelolithotomy (for removal of a kidney stone from the renal pelvis)
  • Ureterolithotomy (for removal of a kidney stone from the ureter)
  • Ureteral Reimplant (to fix the tubes that connect the bladder to the kidneys)
  • Boari Bladder Flap/ Psoas Bladder Hitch (for the reconstruction of the ureter using the bladder)
  • Sacrocolpopexy (to correct pelvic organ prolapse in women)
  • Nephroureterectomy (for renal pelvis, kidney, ureter, and bladder cuff removal)

How Successful Is Robotic Surgery?

There are many benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery over traditional techniques. 

Surgery requires only very small incisions, thereby drastically reducing the time spent in the hospital and chances of infections and complications. 

The high-definition 3D cameras give surgeons a close-up view of areas they wouldn’t be able to see performing open surgery. 

The fully articulating robotic arms allow the surgeons to have greater dexterity and control compared with the human hand and conventional laparoscopic instruments.

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