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High and Tight Circumcision

Circumcision is a surgical approach that removes the foreskin of the penis. This procedure may increase self-esteem – particularly during sexual activity. When you opt for adult circumcision, our team at Urology of Greater Atlanta will ensure that you achieve your desired result.

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What Is High and Tight Circumcision?

High and tight circumcision alters the foreskin of the penis. In this procedure, the foreskin is retracted and repositioned to a secured, higher-up position along the shaft. 

Any excess outer skin that may have previously been along the exterior will then be removed. This procedure allows extra support for the erect shaft while giving a tight look to the penis.

What Are the Benefits of High and Tight Circumcision?

High and tight circumcision will give your penis a tight look and feel while erect.

Further, suppose you are undergoing circumcision for religious purposes. In that case, a tight circumcision will be the appropriate choice, as loose circumcision would leave too much excess skin on the shaft of the penis.

How Can High and Tight Circumcision Be Performed?

During high and tight circumcision, the foreskin is retracted and repositioned to support the shaft in a secured, higher-up position. An incision will be placed high on the shaft of the penis. 

With a “high cut,” the outer skin of the shaft is cut, thereby leaving more inner skin. 

A tight circumcision style removes as much excess skin from the outer foreskin as possible and leaves little remaining foreskin. When the penis is erect, this will result in very little excess skin remaining. 

Although it is possible to achieve the outcome of a tight foreskin when the penis is erect, it may be challenging to achieve a tight foreskin when the penis is flaccid. In addition, complications may arise when the foreskin on the penis is too tight when erect.

Tight circumcision and loose circumcision will achieve different results. The procedure you choose depends on your preferred results and your particular skin characteristics.

While tight circumcision removes as much redundant foreskin as possible, patients do not have to choose an extreme result. The amount of foreskin removed depends on each patient’s particular skin characteristics.

Ages and Procedures

We perform circumcisions for any age. However, it is important to note that adult circumcision is more complicated than infant circumcision.

Infant circumcision is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort.

Instead of high and tight circumcision, you might opt for high and loose, low and tight, or low and loose circumcision. 

What Should You Expect After Circumcision?

After circumcision, you can expect to go home for your 2-6 week recovery period. While this is a minimal risk procedure, you must still look for any signs of infection.

Your urologist at Urology of Greater Atlanta will give you personalized instructions to ensure a safe recovery. We also have multiple locations in Georgia, so check which one is closest to you. 

If you are unsatisfied with the results of a previous circumcision, our Urology of Greater Atlanta team will be happy to perform a circumcision revision to improve the skin on your penis. So don’t settle for unsatisfactory results.

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