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Loose Circumcision

Adult circumcision is a standard medical practice with several variations. 

The loose circumcision style involves leaving some remaining foreskin on the penis to prevent any tightness or discomfort when the skin stretches but removing the inner skin.

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What Is Low and Loose Circumcision?

Low and loose is one of the two styles, the other being high and tight.

Regardless of tightness, a low-placed circumcision creates a scar along the penis glans. The placement indicates how much inner skin the physician removes. 

Like all circumcision procedures, your decision to have a loose or tight circumcision is predominantly personal.

Our doctors suggest low and relaxed if you want to keep your frenulum intact, as this style diminishes the inner foreskin but leaves outer skin behind.

Tight Versus Loose Circumcision

As the name suggests, a loose circumcision results in more foreskin left behind (not the inner skin), while a tight circumcision removes all foreskin from the penis. 

There is no conclusive data on which of the two circumcision styles is better – it depends on your desired result and what your UGATL physician thinks will work best for your body.

What Are the Benefits of Low and Loose Circumcision?

Most people want this procedure because it promotes natural penis movement.

The outer skin is left mostly intact, and the skin does not stretch or become tight when erect. Comfort is the significant advantage of the loose method.

The other reason some patients opt for this option is that it helps cut down the sensitivity around the head of the penis but does not eliminate it. 

Circumcision (even partial circumcision) may reduce your risk of UTIs, penile cancer, and HIV.

What Happens During the Procedure?

While the exact steps vary between patients, there are still a few core steps our physicians take during the surgery: 

  1. First, we clean the penile shaft skin to eliminate the chances of infection. 
  2. Then, we give you anesthesia (typically a dorsal nerve blocker). 
  3. Next, the physician makes a tiny incision on the top of the penis and another near the glans. Your surgeon will then remove the foreskin. 
  4. After the surgery, the doctor will bandage your penis – and you can go home!

Depending on the style, the inner and outer foreskin may be sore or uncomfortable right after the procedure. 

In addition, you will have a scar line somewhere on your penile skin.

What Is the Recovery Process?

Like any surgery, the primary recovery goal is to avoid infection. So keep the area clean, dry, and healthy by wearing a provided waterproof covering over your penis in the shower. 

Avoid getting bacteria and other materials on your genitals for a much more comfortable recovery period.

Next, wear cotton underwear to ensure dryness and breathability. Excess moisture and lack of air almost guarantee an infection! 

Your UGATL physician will most likely prescribe a topical ointment for the area. Apply it as directed for best results (usually around the scar line), and contact your doctor immediately if you notice excessive irritation. 

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