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Bladder Spasms

There are times when we’ve all been caught short and have needed to dash to the bathroom.

However, if the bladder contracts suddenly and without warning, you may be dealing with bladder spasms. 

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What Are Bladder Spasms?

The human body usually controls the bladder muscles well, but involuntary bladder spasms can result in the need to pass urine urgently. 

There may also be some leakage of urine without control.

Bladder spasms are a term used hand in hand with the words ‘overactive bladder,’ or OAB. 

Overactive bladder spasms can result in bladder control problems and urge incontinence.

Symptoms of Bladder Spasms

The urge to urinate is normal, as it tells us to go to the bathroom. 

But bladder spasms are sudden contractions where the need to urinate is immediate, and they can happen even if you have just recently passed urine.

Bladder spasms can feel similar to a urinary tract infection (UTI), giving such symptoms as bladder pressure, a burning sensation when passing urine, strong-smelling urine, or even urine that looks pink or cloudy.

If the symptoms persist and urinary tract infections have been ruled out, a doctor may diagnose that you are dealing with bladder spasms.

The Causes of Bladder Spasms

A bladder spasm can be a common symptom of many issues, including infection, bladder stones, or even drinking too much alcohol or caffeine.

However, they can also be the result of an underlying condition, such as diabetes or, in the case of male patients, an enlarged prostate.

Medically reviewed journals have noted links between bladder spasms and neurological conditions related to the nerves along the spine. 

No matter what issue is causing your bladder spasms, it’s best to get checked out by a doctor.

Treating Bladder Spasms

An early visit to the doctor can rule out immediate problems such as UTI or diabetes. 

Also, by giving your doctor a more thorough medical history, other causes can be eliminated so that treatment can begin.

If there is no spinal cord injury or damage to the nervous system, a doctor can prescribe various procedures to treat bladder spasms.

If there is no apparent cause, several methods may be tried to help reduce your symptoms.

For example, simply reducing fluid intake or even removing certain foods can prevent irritation to the bladder wall and thus reduce bladder spasms. 

Lifestyle changes, such as cutting out alcohol or losing weight, can also help relieve your experience bladder spasms.

For many women, particularly those who have had children, pelvic floor exercises and bladder training can help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce stress incontinence. 

Even women who do not currently have bladder issues can prevent bladder spasms by performing these exercises.

How More Severe Cases of Bladder Spasms Are Treated

If your symptoms persist, then other bladder spasm treatments can be introduced. 

Those with severe bladder spasms may continually feel the need to release urine even after making significant lifestyle changes.

Bladder control medicines such as antispasmodics and even some forms of antidepressants can help those experiencing bladder spasms.

For others, their condition may be related to a nerve problem, and they may find effective treatment with the use of an electrical stimulation implant.

This medically reviewed device, placed under the skin near the bladder, works to deliver gentle electrical pulses, known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, to stimulate the nerves and prevent spasms.

Bladder Spasms Can Be Treated

While an unusual urge to urinate and urinary incontinence can be frustrating and concerning, the good news is that they can be effectively treated.

A visit to the doctors at Urology of Greater Atlanta will allow our experts to render aid if you have developed bladder spasms. 

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